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BR1 Guild

Big Red One is an adult casual raiding guild. We are a group of adults that enjoy gaming in a relaxed friendly environment.

Raiding and progression are a part of the guild that is developed on two fronts. Smaller guild runs are typically formed for casual farming of existing content. Progression of new content is typically in conjunction with an alliance of other guilds. This allows BR1 to remain casual and still give its members access to leading edge content if they choose.

General etiquette is expected, this includes but is not limited to; Not drawing negative attention to oneself and subsequently the guild. Friendliness in guild and outside guild is expected and enforced.

Although there is a higher degree of pve participation, BR1 is well known for pvp. This is a reputation all guild members need to take seriously. We play on a PVP server because we enjoy the challenge and camaraderie this creates.

Guild Rules

We spend an inordinate amount of our free time playing World of Warcraft, at least we are in good company :-) We have made many "virtual" friends by joining a guild (group of like minded individuals) called "Big Red One" Originally a Battlefield 1942 clan, we have been drawn toward many games, WOW only one of them. Despite the name, it's a good group of individuals who have helped each other progress far quicker than could otherwise be expected. Below is a proposal for some guild information and expectations that can to make our guild experience more pleasant and useful for all of our members.

So you want to be a member eh? Well we are happy to have you! Below is some of the expectations that we have for our members, please read them and understand them as lack of compliance will make your tenure as a member, shall we say, short...


In this guild we don't want to be super strict or not allow you to have fun, it is a game after all. But some behavior will not be tolerated. Below we will define the infractions clearly, but above all Common sense chivalry is to be expected at all times. Stand above the rest in your behavior with other people, always be fair and try and resolve matters in a mutually beneficial manner.

Antisocial Behavior -- Don't take advantage of newbies or lowbies. Don't overcharge for things, lie, or attempt auction house scams. Anything that reflects badly on the guild will not be tolerated, you are our representative and if you cause us loss of status on the server we are not going to be pleased about it. Don't proselytize your religion or your politics, if you are on a mission to convert the unbelievers to Cathulu or Ralph Nader, find another guild. There is a lot of discussion about using derogatory comments, "gay" "fag" "nigger" and such. We are not the most politically correct guild, and shit happens in guild chat, but refrain from using these kinds of terms, especially in public and with non-guild members. If you really hate homosexuals, women or people of ethnicity, we don't need you here. Our first priority is to earn the respect of other guilds and to be the leaders of ethical and fair play, respect that will allow us to be successful and recruit more members to help you succeed as well.


The Guild and You

Top 10 Things bad guild members do:
1. Moving toon to another guild/server/faction without first letting an officer know. If this happens we can only assume you are leaving guild.
2. Being disresptful to another guild member in any way.
3. Being late or not showing up to a raid thay you have volunteered for without giving prior notice.
4. Spamming trade or general chat.
5. Begging members repeatedly for gold/mats/runs/ etc. Ask once and don't ask again.
6. Coming to raids unprepared. Not knowing strats, not having the appropriate gear, spec, pots, food, time.
7. Inappropriate comments in ventrillo or guild chat that are racial, derogatory, or sexually explicit in nature. While you do have the right to say whatever you want, we have the right to not have to hear it.
8. Being anti-social by not using ventrillo or the Guild Forums.
9. Taking more out of the guild bank than you put in.
10. Members should be looking to recruit their friends and any exceptional players they come across (In game or RL) . What made this guild so awesome is that most the members are connected some how.

Guild Support -- We are not here to answer all your questions. >-- Read that again. Okay, we are here to help you when you are really stuck. If you are clever enough to be playing WoW (not a high bar to say the least) you have the skills to answer most of your own questions.  is your friend, learn how to use it. Don't ask questions that can be answered by reading the WoW website ( or the forums ( everyone is busy doing what they need to do, don't waste their time asking what [voodoo mojo juice] is used for. If you really want to know, use wowhead. 

We are not here to give you stuff for free, you want something you have to earn it just like we had to before you. We have no need for coddled wallflowers that have no skills because everything was given to them. Don't ask for free Potions, Weapons, Food or Bags. If you act cool and gain respect, people will help you and give you shit. Just because you gave us the privilege of your membership doesn't entitle you to diddly squat. Earn your place, show your worth, you will be rewarded for it. 

Parties and Instances -- Don't  ask someone more than 5 levels above you to help you go anywhere. We are not an escort service, you should be partied up with similar level players in order to maximize the amount of experience you gain. You don't care about experience you say? Well, we do. This is not a power guild, you don't have to gain a level a day to stay here, or play 40 hours a week. But if you want the guilds assistance it has to be in our self interest to help you. We need experienced max level players who can contribute to our ability to participate in the high end content of the game. If you are not interested in doing that, it's cool, but we are not going to spend two hours keeping you alive in some dungeon just so you can have some blue item. We expect you to be reciprocating by doing your best to increase your skill and help similar level guild members.

When using the random dungeon queue you are expected to treat others in your group the same way you would want to be treated.  

Recruitment -- It is important that you are an ambassador for our guild, there are lot's of good players out there and we want them playing for us. Many of us flailed about in the beginning, looking for the right guild, finding people we could trust. It's important that you get out there and help people in need and make friends outside the guild. Many of the people we helped or helped us in the early levels are now friends and guild-mates, and it's better to find out that someone is a ninja over a level 6 Uncommon than over a level 85 Epic. When you find people you like, have them look at this site and these codes of conduct. We will always need new blood.  New members will constantly be evaluated and and maybe removed at any time for any reason without any notification.

Trade Skills -- The guild has people that focus on specific trade skills. Assist them to be successful by using them for your needs and be sure to offer formula's and recipes to the appropriate guild professional before selling it. If you are a guild tradesman, sell to the guild members at cost whenever possible and to favored external guilds at a discount to improve inter-guild relations. If you are going to take up a skill, find out what the guild needs and focus on that. We are a team, the need for redundancy is limited, try to find the best way that you can help before you invest time and effort towards something that is unnecessary. 

Guild Chat -- This is a crazy place where people often feel free to express themselves. This is encouraged, don't pick on people or insult them. If someone is an idiot they will make that clear by themselves, no need to help them.  It doesn't have to be Sesame Street, but Innuendo is better than explicit when it comes to adult topics. Please feel free to use whisper chat if you feel the need to draw a pretty picture with your prose. Pretend that some hot girl or guy, depending on your preference, is reading what you are writing (who knows, it might be the case!) and let that be your guide. Directions, one-to-one communication and pointless exclamations (Lagggggg!!!1) should be kept to a minimum. We want good signal to noise ratio so that the guild chat remains useful. 

General, Public, Party, Whisper and Trade Chat -- You must follow WoW's terms of service. Keep it rated 'G', don't insult or attack people via whisper. Don't spam the Trade Channel repeatedly. If someone is rude to you do not retaliate, use /ignore. 

WoW Forum's -- We will not censor you freedom of personal speech, but unless you are explicitly authorized to speak for the guild, you must never phrase things in a way that will reflect the guild as a whole in a bad light. Do not criticize other guilds or players without stating you are speaking for yourself. If you are starting flame wars and making unjustified, rude or harmful comments you can expect to be called on it, so act respectfully.

These are our rules, they are not necessarily the laws of the land. Many people will have variations, if you don't like a party's rules don't group with them. Don't complain, don't say that they are wrong. Know the loot rules before you adventure, don't expect to establish them while you are playing.If you form a raid I.E. Baradin Hold, establish the loot rules in chat before starting, no one from BR1 should every put themselves in a position of being accused of ninjaing at any time. If someone ninja's on your party take a note of their name and guild, do not verbally abuse them. Submit a help ticket with the information and let a GM handle the issue. Ninja looting is more common than it should be and takes a lot away from the game, when it happens to you try to be civil and take the high road. 

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